Officers vs. Froggys

Now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, I can be man enough to say “Who cares about those stupid Weblog Awards, anyway? I’m GLAD I didn’t make the finals!”


Anyway, as I noted, there are some really good milblogs in the running. This morning, Froggy Ruminations said…well, I’ll quote him:

I’m Not Going to Beg, But…

I would hate to finish behind a blog called “The Officer’s Club” in the Weblog Awards competition. I really don’t care what place I come in, but for the love of God I DO NOT want to lose to a bunch of freakin’ officers.

John Noonan at Officer’s Club responded with

Let’s call in some OC artillery on that trash-talkin’ swabby, get out there and vote for The Officers’ Club!

Now, Murdoc likes both of these blogs, even if they are both jerks for making the finals when I didn’t.

(Did I just say that out loud?)

Anyway, Murdoc likes both of these blogs, and Murdoc has, in fact, already cast votes for both of them. Since I’m not in the running this year (did I mention that?) I have no reason to withhold my votes. However, I’ve been spreading it around a bit.

If you haven’t voted for Best Military Blog, head on over and do so. If you have voted, head on over and do so again. This is a vote once every 24 hours poll, so you can split your vote up to more accurately reflect your opinion. And check out some of the other finalists while you’re there.

A lot of good blogs running. Some of them are almost as good as Murdoc Online.

UPDATE: Really. I don’t know what all the excitement is about. Does anyone even care about the Weblog Awards?

UPDATE 2: Jerks.

UPDATE 3: Yes, I’m joking.

UPDATE 4: I think.


  1. Well, Murdoc Online is #1 in our hearts (mine anyway), if not in our awards. Personally I use your web site as a ‘jumping off point’ to reach out and find anything interesting happening each day – starting with what you write and then going down through your list of links. Besides, awards don’t mean anything. Just look at the Nobel Peace Prize for an idea of how much of a joke they have become 😉