Reagan invoked C.S. Lewis

As ‘Narnia’ opens, consider C.S. Lewis’ connection to Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech

I guess I must have known this, but I certainly didn’t remember it. Free Frank Warner:

20 years after Lewis’s death in 1963, Lewis’s views of virtue and vice helped shape President Ronald Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech.

In fact, Reagan quoted from another Lewis novel, “The Screwtape Letters,” in his historic address of March 8, 1983. Lewis’s passage is mentioned immediately before the sentence in which Reagan declared the Soviet Union “the evil empire.”

Frank’s got the goods. Go read.

Was that Reagan guy one for the ages, or what?

I wrote about the reaction to Christian themes and imagery in Narnia earlier today.

Oh, and on a friend’s recommendation, I finally checked out The Screwtape Letters. Instead of reading, I listened to the audiobook, read by John Cleese. Cleese’s reading alone makes it worth the listen. The book itself is a great one, and I listened twice. Highly recommended.