Tuesday on the History Channel

Battlecry Iraq: Ramadi

Got this tip from a reader. The next episode of Shootout:

“Today we are going to kill Americans.” That was the warning to shopkeepers in Ramadi’s marketplace on April 6, 2004. Insurgents meant what they said. They intended to harm any and all members of Echo Company–part of the Second Battalion of the 4th Marine Regiment. Ramadi, a Sunni stronghold and former Saddam power base in the Anbar province, is one of the most dangerous places in Iraq. Resistance there is fierce. “The Magnificent Bastards” as the 2-4 is called, bore the brunt of hatred and rage as they were ambushed in a well-planned attack. We chronicle the 2-4’s struggle for survival while under fire–everywhere and all at once–from an enemy that couldn’t be seen.

AK-47s, machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades exploded all around. About 50 insurgents positioned themselves on the roofs of one-story buildings and in between market stalls. The next week-and-a-half would be bloody and deadly.

Tuesday at 9:00 ET.

I’ve not watched this series before. Here’s what it says about itself:

The new series SHOOTOUT! chronicles famous shootouts in history from the perspective of both sides of the fight. The series examines the personalities, the weapons, the firepower, and the leadership needed to defeat the enemy. Using 3D CGI animation sequences, audiences will experience the thick of battle from the points of view of the players themselves.

The following episode, airing immediately after Battlecry Iraq: Ramadi, is an episode titled Iraq’s Most Wanted.