I missed this one

Mink Release

10,000 minks were released into the wild last week by The Animal Liberation Front. They broke into a fur farm in Washington state and let them go. Apparently, all but about a thousand have been recaptured. That must have been fun. According to a SeattlePI story

Neighbors, local schoolteachers, other mink farmers and one self-described animal lover who got wind of the rescue effort on the news descended on the farm and neighboring properties armed with heavy leather oven mitts. They sweet-talked animals out from under feed tanks and patiently stalked them in the brush with nooses on the end of a stick.

The Seattle Times reports that the mink are attacking small animals in the area.

State biologists warn that the situation could likely get worse. If a few of the farm-raised mink survive the winter, they could breed with each other or with wild mink native to the area. If that happens, expect a decline in local populations of small mammals, waterfowl, birds and farm-raised ducks and chickens, said Ruth Milner, a district biologist with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

And this is supposed to help animals, right? Hat tip to Hell in a Handbasket.