Ewwww…the filters didn’t stop it this time…

If you look around the recent posts on MO, you’ll discover that the site has been hit by the Buckethead “All-UAV, All the Time” SpambotTM. At least he didn’t mention blimps.

I’m surprised he didn’t suggest that soon UAVs would be performing the work of attractive Screaming Eagles handing out humanitarian aid and possibly inspiring Iraqi women and girls.


  1. Hey, I was on a roll. And come on, I didn’t suggest that recruiting was going to be taken over by robots, and I was only half serious about the unmanned aerial tankers… And I would never suggest that role of attractive female infantrypersons should be taken over by blimps.

  2. If you do end up replacing attractive female infantrypersons with some kind of robot, could you send the obsolete units over here? I, for one, would not be upset by an American occupation if all the troops were of such high, um, caliber.