Another misidenterfication?

SPIEGEL’s Big Blunder

Those mean Americans. Er, Canadians. Uh, maybe.

Laughingly similar to’s Shortsgate, sort of mentioned here on MO.

A commenter, though, sums it up pretty well:

I get a laugh out of the whole premise. Photo identification aside, the tone of the article seems to be, “OMG! Like, the Americans are, like, you know, fighting a war or something! Like, they are, like, defending themselves! Like, why don’t they just hook up like everyone else does? Like, why do they have to be different or something? None of the cool kids are, like, you know, doing that stuff!”

Just more of the infantile posing and preening that passes for debate on the Continent these days.

On the Continent they talk like Valley Girls while debating? Like, “cool”!