Carriers, carriers, carriers

DID Spotlight: America’s New CVN-21 Super-Carriers

Joe Katzman continues his excellent work at DID and Winds of Change. A must-read on the future of flat-tops. And he’s going to have a follow-up focusing on the costs and savings that the CVN-21 promises to bring.


  1. I was looking over the cutaway sketch and saw that steam cats are out in favor of an electromagnetic aircraft launch thingy. Will the limits of the martial utility of magnetism *ever* be reached?

  2. Wow – you just have to love the cost savings that we get with the CVN-21. I remember just how upset the bean counters were when the UUS George Bush with cost overruns ended up costing the taxpayers a cool 6.35 billion. Thank god we get the CVN-21, with all its cost savings, it will only cost us an estimated 13.7 billion. Ya know, I have no problem believing that he CVN-21 is a needed ship and that its enhancements are worth the cost, but don’t tell me I am saving money in the process. Yet more evidence, that the Navy’s design and procurement decisions are based on a unrealistic budgeting system where procurement and R&D cost is a non-factor, but where maintence and manning costs are seen as a negative. As a side note – reactive armor on a carrier??? That I will have to see the qualifications on that one. That is a concept that is screaming huge hidden costs… Prolonged salt immersion, with hair trigger explosives….