Time for Sunnis to stop and ask themselves “Why do they hate us so?”

Al Qaeda at War With Sunni Arabs

Strategy Page has a good post up noting that several Sunni insurgent groups have apparently called a “cease-fire” for election day tomorrow.

As many “accomadationist” Sunni leaders have already endorsed participation in the election, this may insure a strong Sunni turn out, which would be good for the ultimate development of a reasonably representative government in the country.

Two armed anti-government groups are known to have called for a cease fire during the elections. These include Jaysh Al Mujahidin, which is also rumored to be engaged in quiet talks with representatives of the Iraqi government, and the “1920 Revolutionary Brigade.” The cease fire may also be motivated by other factors, in addition to the desire to seek some degree of power and influence in the new government.

The post goes on to note that some Sunni leaders who have told their followers to vote have been threatened.

Just like many urged Americans to do, isn’t it time for the Iraqis to stop and ask themselves “Why does Al Qeada hate us so much?”

If they do, they’ll realize that a lot of it has to do with incompatible ideas about how people live and how the world works. Then, after factoring in the methods of Al Qeada past and present, accounting for the likely risk from terrorism in the future, and considering the likelihood that negotiations will yield any meaningful results, the Iraqis will probably decide that Al Qaeda and its ilk must be destroyed utterly.

Remember, even Iraqis who resist the current government and speak out against the Americans are being targeted here, simply for not doing what Al Qaeda fanatics would do in their stead. Unless you share 100% of Al Qaeda’s value system and actively support them, you are a legitimate target in their eyes.

This makes Al Qaeda damn fools, and is a large part of why they cannot win.

The struggle will be long and bloody, but they are working so hard to alienate everyone not 100% like them, and we’re working so hard to eliminate 100% of everyone that is like them, that they’re doomed.