Stryker Mobile Gun System finally arrives

General Dynamics Delivers First Production Stryker MGS Vehicles

Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about this soon, but for now all we’ve got is a press release:

General Dynamics Land Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), yesterday delivered the first two of 72 low-rate initial production (LRIP) Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS) variant vehicles to the U.S. Army at Anniston (Ala.) Army Depot.

The Stryker MGS variant is a direct-fire infantry assault platform with a 105mm cannon mounted in a low-profile, fully stabilized, “shoot-on-the-move” turret and integrated into the Stryker chassis. It carries 18 rounds of NATO-
standard 105mm main gun ammunition; 400 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition; and 3,400 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition. It destroys enemy vehicles, equipment and hardened positions with its bunker and wall-breaching capability.

The MGS LRIP vehicles will be used for various tests and user evaluations through the fourth quarter of 2007. The Milestone C decision to begin full-rate production of the MGS variant is slated for the fourth quarter of 2007 as well.

The Stryker brigades have complained at times about the lack of heavy firepower. The MGS has been long plagued by all sorts of problems, and even if/when they’re worked out, it’s a compromise. We’ll have to see if it can be anywhere nearly as successful as the operational variants of the Stryker have been so far.

The first NBC Recon variant was just delivered last week. The MGS and the NBC Recon are the last two variants that the Army is waiting on.

The Canadians are planning to utilize the Stryker MGS, as well.

Has anyone heard anything about the prototype Stryker howitzer?


  1. Actually … nevermind. Reading the linked article, I was surprised at how little ammo this thing carries. They better have a damn short supply line if they ever get into a real fight.

  2. BH: [comment deleted] This is the first time I’ve deleted my own comment for sheer stupidity. Bram: The 18 rounds will probably suffice for basic peacekeeping like the current mission in Iraq. Bunker busting and such. But on an open battlefield I fear it will be woefully inadequate for units maneuvering. I still think the 25mm chain gun that Canadian and New Zealand LAV-IIIs (and Marine LAV-Is) mount would sure come in handy on a Stryker…

  3. Bram, the Stryker was never (to my knowledge) intended to be a gun platform – its a troop carrier. If you can make a gun mod Stryker that is useful in urban combat/peacekeeping – places where it is difficult for tanks to go, great. But I don’t think anyone would be putting a Styker MGS on the front line. Something like the M8 would have been better for that, but at least this way, there is plenty of parts commonality and less need for training.

  4. I have my doubts on the MGS, but lets see how it works. Given its past – I am not too optomistic. I still think they would of been better off with a 40mm cannon & Hydra precision rocket system. The Abrams proved its use in urban combats, I doubt the MGS can perform that role – but who am I to blow against the wind.

  5. Weren’t there reports that the gun could only be fired directly forward or aft, maybe a few degrees either way, without tipping it over?

  6. The MGS, as I recall had three major problems. 1) weight. That one went away with the army deleted/modified the C-130 requirement. 2)Autoloader – the autoloaderjammed after the main gun was fired. (the recoil overloaded the stabalization system and knocked the loader out of position. ) 3) Armor – This is a standard concern with all the Strykers. Installing RPG level armor increased the weight of the MGS beyond what a C-130 could carry. The high weight and recoil issues caused stress issues with the suspension. In any event, the armor issue has been placed on the back burner and we will go with the standard light armor package (.50 cal defense) There were also other side issues – like the gun would deafen troops within quarter mile and the recoil threw the targeting systems out of alignment. Other 20 ton vehicals using a 105 MM guns, use low recoil guns. The Stryker on the other hand uses the full recoil version.

  7. The Marine LAV was never meant to tangle with main battle tanks either but things happen. They wound up in a big fight with an Iraqi Armored brigade at Um Hujul. If the 82nd Airborne ever gets their armored battalion back, they will end up fighting tanks with MGS’s.