The snakes are hissing

Alleged Saddam tape denies attack

Another audiotape. Seriously, maybe we should blanket Iraq with thousands of airdropped camcorders and challenge Saddam to show his face with proof that he’s alive today.

Anyway, I think this is telling. For months purported “Saddam” tapes have been urging Iraqis to resist the occupiers and those that help them. Now, suddenly, “Saddam” says he and his people didn’t do it.

I think someone realizes that bombing the mosque in Najaf would not help anti-American forces. I think someone realizes that many Iraqis just want the killing to stop. I think someone realizes that Saddam loyalists blowing things up, especially when they aren’t Americans, isn’t popular any longer.

Maybe Saddam’s people didn’t bomb the mosque. But, either way, they know that they don’t want people to think they did.

I think it’s another sign we’re getting somewhere. But maybe that’s just me.