Down south


Michelle Malkin on the recently-passed legislation to strengthen the Mexican border. It’s a good start.


The Great Wall of Arizona

Buckethead at The Ministry weighs in the subject. And suggests that battleships could play a part. Why he didn’t suggest UAVs, I have no idea…

I like battleships, but for this mission Murdoc likes the Stryker even more.

And did any more news on that alleged invasion by Mexican paramilitaries ever surface?


  1. Yes there is a story about Mexican Military units: ‘It’s like we’re having a battle on the border that no one speaks of,’ one agent told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper in Ontario, Calif. ——————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————– INVASION USA Border Patrol fears conflict with Mexican military Agent: ‘It’s like we’re having a battle — that no one speaks of’ ——————————————————————————– Posted: December 19, 2005 12:42 p.m. Eastern By Jon Dougherty –