But I’ve been told it’s a conservative bias…

Study Finds Liberal Media Bias Is Real

A three-year study (.pdf) of news stories (not editorials or opinion columns) of Legacy Media reveals a shocking development:

“…there is a quantifiable and significant bias in that nearly all of them lean to the left,” said co author Jeffrey Milyo, University of Missouri economist and public policy scholar.

Meanwhile: During a tornado, a mobile home is worst place to be.

What would we do without experts to point these things out to us?


  1. I found this review of said study interesting in that it suggests the study authors set the middle of political views (accidently or deliberately) in the middle of the Republican party’s view of the world. Thus that kinda tilts the scales a bit, with probably more than half the population being assessed as left-of-center, not to mention the news outlets. And interesting how they didn’t consider all the radio and television ‘commentary’ shows – O’Reilly and Limbaugh – in their analysis.

  2. I don’t need a study to tell me the media has a left-leaning bias. Hell, I considered myself to lean towards the left not that long ago, and every time I see a TV showing the news (don’t watch much myself) or a newpaper headline or magazine, the content more often than not is off to the extreme left of my views. That’s Australian media though; US may vary. What I read of that study suggested that their idea of ‘center’ happen to fit exactly with the ‘average’ views of the US government representatives, with the general public being to their left. Why the public’s views are to the left of those they have elected I don’t know. But doesn’t that kind of negate the claim that their idea of center is biased? The fact that the average score of the representatives was 50.1/100 is pretty satisfyingly in the middle.

  3. Study Finds Liberal Media Bias Is Real >snip< Editorial and Opinion pieces were not included in the study - only news stories.' So 'Media' doesn't include Editorials and Opinons. eh? I can't take this seriously since it has slipped on its own banana peelings by the end of the first paragraph. Try again. That said, I do agree that MM is pretty fracked, but only because of the Money Bias that I see, not liberal/conservative. Suplimented -perhaps- by instituional bias...ie most journalists go through the university programs so they have an Academic Bias. Most 'conservative' news seems to be sourced from 'Think Tanks'; IIRC, these are often populated from outside the universtity system and funded by private enterprises. I could be wrong about this but the labels of Conservative and Liberal don't seem to give the right contexts to me.

  4. Media Bias- Absolutley! Why just the other day Fitzgerald told us that the New York Times Judy Miller’s refusal to testify about treason commited by senior bush administration officials likely delayed indictments by a year- from October 2004, to October 2005. And of course the NYTimes was completely behind her standing up for her right to protect senior bush administration scumbags. More recently the New York Times sat on the story that the Bush administration was conducting illegal wiretaps. They sat on this story since fall of 2004. Wow so the New York Times sat on two major Bush scandals that could have happened right before the election, till well after it. Clearly the new york times is now an official arm of the republican party. And dont get me started about how every story questioning the administrations WMD lies before the war got buried deep inside while the administrations line- that there were WMD’s made the front page.