Defense Tech on the wiretap story

Check out these links for Defense Tech’s take on the “spying on Americans” story:

Like a lot of stories along these lines (USA PATRIOT Act, anyone?), I’d sure like to think that the government is doing the right thing, looking out for our security, and not doing anything more than absolutely necessary.

But Murdoc’s not a total moron. Although largely supportive of our government’s efforts in the greater war against international terrorism, I’ve got a healthy amount of distrust and skepticism about these sorts of things. I know we have to do some unsavory things when fighting a war, but this seems to be a bit over the line.

My basic position is this: If it’s truly justified to “spy on Americans” while tracking down the bad guys, some of which are no doubt Americans, I can swallow this. It’s a no-brainer. But good Americans possess an innate distrust of government meddling, and this is guaranteed to trip the “Danger, Will Robinson” switch. It’s a tough tightrope that our security and intelligence agencies are on, and they’ll look bad even when they’re doing everything right.


  1. I remember right after 9-11 their was huge data banks of taps and info but not enough analyst so they wanted a computer program to data mine for key words to use as a dog to put the analyst the hunter on target for the kill. I suspect this is the case the FISA cant work on such mass numbers but the privacy would still be held due to the key word to get analysed, of course this could never be admited in public the terrorist would go to code and drop those key words and whoolah billions of dollars down the tube square one again kinda like the cell phone tap thing. The bad part of this is that if I am right we will soon learn that these are blanket taps so most if not all will be involved. Their is a possibility for major abuse in such a system like changing the key words to say what China uses in thiers but lots of military and especially intel stuff processes have such risk, a people have to put a certian amount of trust in the gov and its people to do the right thing, part of reason why gov. We cannot give the military weapons becuase just in case they may use them for evil against the people they are supposed to protect. This is going to be blown way out of control. And I suspect in the end what will be lost will be a portion of our security. The idea Bush is using the NSA for personal politics to get dirt on opponents I think is a very unlikly possibility for the simple fact that Bush just has not taken the Dems to the mat time after time even after being pounded himself, he just is not a offensive politician.

  2. Fortunately we dont have to worry about where this so called ‘tightrope’ is exactly. We have something called warrants. They could get a warrant. There is a special security court just to provide these warrants-the FISA courts. That court has approved like 14000, or 17000 warrents since it was established in the 70’s. How many has it rejected: 4. How about stepping over to the side of the constituion Murdoc?

  3. My understanding about things is that Bush didn’t want to even bother with the nigh instantaneous ‘get-a-warrant-later’ FISA style wiretaps…on the grounds that they are too slow. wtf (I am rather confused. I also don’t see any indication that these are being used for politcal agenda (ie burgling Democrat offices with Cuban agents, etc.), yet. I will wait and see what has to say b4 going ballistic.