Boeing Commercial CEO on the 777 Tanker

Alan Mulally interview, Dec. 19, 2005

Noticed this in the Seattle PI:

Some in Congress say Boeing’s future tanker platform should be the 777 and not the 767. I asked Mulally if the 777 will work as tanker.

Absolutely. The most compelling data is the capability of the 777-200LR freighter. It will clearly be the center piece of freighters going forward, along with the 747-8. We have that fundamental capability in the airplane. It would make a phenomenal tanker, or troop transport. I can see why people would want that to be considered.

There’s a lot of other interesting stuff in there on Boeing’s production and plans, from the 787 Dreamliner numbers to 777 production line changes to the 747-8, a jumbo using the 787 engines. Worth a read.


  1. I thought this contract was our opportunity to help boeing build the first commercial flying wing- or blended wing design (bwb (body)). Boeing doesnt want to risk the company (like it did with the 747 decision) building an all composite bodied plane, in the shape of a giant flying wing. But everyone sees the ‘wing as inevitable- in the industry. unfortunatley everyone in the industry also remembers the Comet- the first commercial jet which got grounded becouse the square window cutouts allowed the hull to tear-catastrophically. Anywho, I thought instead of the 737 or whatever, we should gaurantee to buy the second hundred of a new bwb design. at the unit cost of the first 100 commercial sales. That way we wont be gauged, and boeing knows that if they need to sell 250 to make the design work fiscally, that they would be nearly half way there. a bwb design would be lighter for its size and be more efficient- either faster or better mpg. It would also be the largest all composite structure ever built- if it was 747 sized or larger.