More on GPS

I had read this earlier, and in fact it is the article that made me decide to post on GPS. But i couldn’t find it yesterday when I wrote the post on the new generation of GPS satellites. But here it is:

DSB Task Force Wants More GPS 3 Satellites in Three Orbital Planes

The Defense Science Board is looking at the future of the GPS program, specifically at the next next-generation of sats planned to begin operating in about 2013:

The task force believes the GPS 3 constellation should be deployed in three rather than six orbital planes, with 10 satellites per plane, which is how the European Space Agency’s Galileo system is being designed. According to the report, this will make it easier to sustain the overall constellation. In order to accomplish this, the report’s authors state that efforts must be made to shift to a three-plane constellation before any next-generation satellites are launched.

A lot of good stuff there. Go read.