Is Peggy watching the same war that Murdoc is?

In One Cheer for the MSM: The media may be biased, but even they support the troops, Peggy Noonan makes the case that, despite obvious Liberal bias in many cases, not only is Mainstream Media not biased against the soldiers or the military, they actively support them.

And it’s not just the media types that have warm fuzzies for our men and women in uniform, Peggy says.

One of the great and historic things about this war is that whatever you think of it, justified or not, the right decision or not, no one–no one–has decided it is right to emotionally abandon the fighters in the field. This, as we know, is different from what happened in Vietnam, when a generation of those who served were given in response the distanced disrespect of a certain portion of our country. Everyone feels bad about that, and should. But amazingly enough we seem to have learned from it. Almost everyone knows–and the very small number who don’t know at least know enough to go off and be quiet–that the men and women on the field are fighting for us, serving us, that they are putting themselves in harm’s way with courage, that they deserve to be patronized by no one, that they deserve honor from all.

Someone check Peggy’s television. Is she watching the news or an old 1950s war movie re-run on TBS?

There’s no doubt that the widespread public scorn for our servicemen and -women has not approached the levels seen during Vietnam and its aftermath. But that isn’t for a lack of trying.

I don’t think it’s the media and anti-war types that “seem to have learned from” Vietnam. I think it’s John Q. Public that learned. Learned that they had been duped and learned that so much of the unpatriotic rhetoric is nothing but empty lies. Americans have learned enough to recognize that Iraq, no matter how much it is suggested otherwise, is no Vietnam. Americans have learned that, just like you cannot always trust the President, you cannot always trust the President’s critics.

The public mood toward our soldiers is far, far different than that of Vietnam. But the coverage by the media and the actions of the critics are not quite so far removed. It’s just that very few are buying it.


  1. patronized by no one…’ ????!!!!!!!! How is ‘I support the troops, I just don’t think they’re capable of winning this war’ or ‘I know they think they can win this, but I want them home instead’ not patronizing? Supporting the troops means listening to what support they want, and not projecting your views onto them. They want us to back their mission, they want us to believe in what they’re doing, and they want to know we’re behind them and the Iraqi people until it’s over.

  2. That’s funny, Hugh Hewitt got Terry Moran (ABC Reporter) to admit on his show, that there is a large anti-military bias by reporters in the MSM… Peggy needs to put down the crack-pipe…

  3. There’s a study published by UCLA professor today regarding bias. Either way, bias, like in the case of Fox news, where they run memos from the GOP and call it news – or any kind of bias to make the soldiers look bad – is a crime against America. The best way to deal with it is to cut off the cable TV and save 60.00 bucks a month.

  4. In some cases the bias may be ‘accidental.’ I’m sure some who cheer the fighter but not the fight genuinely think they’re doing the right thing, even if it doesn’t really make much sense in the end. (Go Yankees – Down with baseball!)

  5. There are a few media pseudo-liberals who pretend to care for the troops, but actually treat them as suckers for an unworthy, lost cause. These self-absorbed posers can’t imagine that an American soldier really wants to defeat a totalitarian enemy. I don’t support all the troops. As a liberal, I support only those who are fighting the world’s oppressors and clearing the obstacles to freedom.

  6. John Q. Public was of the notion that the North Vietnamese would not follow us home if we boogied out. I boogied back in ’67 and was proud to have served. JQP knows, and rightly so, that the terrorists and suicide bombers will follow us home if we were to abandon Iraq.

  7. How are things in this delusional right wing world you’ve created? The only lack of support of the troops that I see is on the right. purple heart bandaides at the republican convention. what a bunch of scumbags. attacking the service of every single vet, including mccain. utter scumbags. and of course president lying dipshit, doing everything possible to inflame antiamerican hatred including (but not limited to): daring other to attack american troops ‘Bring it on!’, sending in troops unprepared (body armor, armored vehicles)and in insufficient numbers, using inappropriate relious speach (‘crusade’) implementing a policy of torture with religious and sexual degradations, I could go on, bush has stirred the hornets nest to many times to count.. So what are these troop hating moments that you speak of? Got something good that doesnt involve parents chasing off recruiters??