UPDATE: Little Red Book Hoax

In yesterday’s quick post on this I wrote:

Why is it that virtually all of the total crock stories are anti-Bush/War? Shouldn’t these honest mistakes fall more or less evenly across the board? Does the media more-readily swallow the stories that support their position? Or are there more liars on the Left?

I’d like to clarify my position a bit, as this grabbed the attention of a few folks.

The question “Or are there more liars on the Left?” was offered as a logical alternative to the idea that these total crock stories weren’t “honest mistakes” by the media. Since I DON’T believe that there are more liars on the Left, I’m sticking with idea that, by and large, the media seems (to me) more likely to run anti-Bush/war stories that later turn out to be false than they are to run pro-Bush/war stories that later turn out to be false.

Maybe I’m wrong, though it sure doesn’t seem like it off the top of my head.

So I’m NOT saying that the Left has more liars. There is obviously no shortage of liars in any camp. I’m saying that since the Left doesn’t have more liars, it’s odd that these total crock stories generally seem to always fall the same direction.


  1. Murdoc, Still not buying it. The media picks up on plenty of right-wing ‘total crock’ stories that later turn out to be wrong. Here’s just one more example of the media giving the administration a ‘bye’ on false statements: http://www.alternet.org/story/25227/ Also, thanks for the encouraging comments on my site. I appreciate it. [BTW, to get a permalink to one of your posts I have to either click into ‘Read More’ (if there is more) and copy from the address bar, or click ‘Comments’ and copy from the address bar (but without the ‘#Comments’ part of the address). Not the end of the world, but it would be easier with a ‘Permalink’ at the end of your posts. Just thought maybe you’d left it out by accident. If its on purpose, its certainly not that big a deal to keep getting the link that way.]

  2. Chuck: Regarding the permalinks on MO, they are on the time at the bottom of each post on the main page. However, you raise a good point about the lack of one on an individual post if you’ve used ‘comments’, ‘trackbacks’, or ‘more’ to get there… Will fix soon. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Chuck: I never saw Katrina as an administration issue. A mix of total incompetence at the state level and FEMA’s slow response were the main culprits, although I will admit the government as a whole should have been quicker to clamp down once everything started going to hell below them. That doesn’t mean that the federal government is primarily at fault, however. In any case, most, if not all of the examples given in that article implicate federal and state agencies, not ‘the right wing.’

  4. Are the permalinks in the timestamp? I (obviously) didn’t notice that before. Oh well. Every now and then I do something which reminds me I’m not as smart as I think I am. I guess that’s one of today’s.

  5. Chuck: Yes, they’ve always been in the timestamp on the main page. They used to be in the timestamp on the archive post, as well, but I apparently lost them at some point. Probably during my big redesign a few months back. They’ve been restored now. Thanks.

  6. On the flip side, one could say that the Right has more successful liars than the Left. personally I believe that MSM just likes their profiable stragegy of simply tearing down (rightly or wrongly) anyone who is in a position power and fame.

  7. The left has many more liars than the right! I was invited to attend the annual and highly secretive ‘Democrat’s Undermine America’ conference this year. Ted Kennedy said, ‘We have to lie more often, and much bigger. People are starting to believe Bush simply because he is telling the truth. That is unacceptable! His truths must be met with bigger, bolder lies that make America look bad. The NYT has agreed to print whatever we make up.’ True story.