Something interesting in Newsweek!

‘Is That All You Got?’

Neil Boortz writes that Saddam Hussein is not impressed with American attempts to torture him:

Having witnessed what he called “the Americans’ half-baked, slipshod attempts at torture,” the deposed Iraqi president said he feared for the future of state-sponsored cruelty in post-Saddam Iraq.

“Toppling my government, that was the easy part,” Saddam told the court. “But as for maintaining the high standards of torture that the Iraqi people grew accustomed to under my regime? Clearly, there was no plan or strategy for doing that.”

And the gem:

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was dismissive of the former dictator’s critique of the United States’ torture techniques, calling Saddam’s outburst “a cheap shot.”

“We don’t do torture,” Rumsfeld said. “Having said that, when we do torture, we do it in a way that is second to none.”