Friday Cat Blogging – F-14 Tomcat

Here’s a Cat with its pants down:

Taken a the 2000 Oceana Airshow and posted on a great site called Tomcat Sunset. The Tomcat Sunset Committee “is a nonprofit entity established to plan and execute the Official Farewell Ceremony for the F-14 Tomcat in September of 2006.” Check ’em out at It appears that they’re just setting up shop, but the galleries are already loaded with great stuff. (hat tip to regular reader James for the heads up on Tomcat Sunset)


  1. Much like the battleship, the Navy is ditching another asset it cannot replace. The F-18 A through F is a pig, and the latest versions even more so than the earlier ones. It’s funny, the Russians copied the F-14 to produce the Su-30 that now regularly kicks the USAF’s ass in India, and our answer is to retire the original. Is the Navy run by abject idiots?