No problem if they’re Star Wars figures

Affirmative action for dolls

Donald Sensing at One Hand Clapping has a post about an inspection of the private preschool where his wife works.

Today she went shopping in preparation for an inspection coming up this week. It was for a doll. She told me that the state licensing agency requires that her school have three dolls of at least two different races.

Of course the school may have more than three dolls, but it may not violate the “two races per three dolls” ratio.

The school could be closed down if the ratio was not met. He asks if mandating affirmative action for dolls is a permissible power of government. I say ‘no,’ but that’s just me.

It occurs to me that if this teaches children anything, it’s probably that government quotas are an acceptable way to enforce racial harmony. It makes the kids take notice that the dolls are different because the color of their skin is different, and that the difference is significant enough that they had all better be careful that they pay special attention to skin colors.

That should help promote color-blindness and diversity.