Hey, anyone interested in battleships?

The History of the Battleship
John at The Officers’ Club

Bye Bye Battleships
Hutchison at Strategy Page.

USS Iowa could be minority museum
San Fransisco turned down the opportunity to get the Iowa as a museum, in part because of the military’s stance on homosexuals and (previously) minorities. So some are proposing to add a minorities museum to the project.

Why not just get that clip from Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” video (shot on the Missouri, if I recall) and play it over and over?

In the early 90s I worked in the commissary on the Air Force Academy and I recall reading an interview with Tom Clancy in one of the AAFES magazines. He was asked if he thought his books helped military recruiting, and he said that they probably did a bit. Then they asked him if he thought the Cher video helped recruiting, and he said no, “at least not the sort of people the military is looking for”.

Ship laden with toxics heads for India
The old French Clemenceau headed to the ship breakers. Okay. You got me. It’s an aircraft carrier, not a battleship. Tell that to the Financial Express. It’s the old warship/battleship thing.


  1. More fuel for the Battleship fire? hehe Why do I feel the only way many BB-lovers can be appeased is if the US Navy wastes money on building a 21st century battleship. I mean, cmon! The US will never use 16’ers ever again. Why dont we just accept the fact that a combination of Aircraft delivered munitions, and limited sea-based fire support from DD(X) will be more than sufficient for Marine landings.

  2. Hahahaha Sorry! To be honest, i only took this role as devils advocate initially, but after looking into it, it made sense… Plus i think the DD(X) has a cool look to it too… -Adam

  3. skrip, when you said the ‘DD(X) has a cool look to it’, are you talking about artists’ conceptions? Or blueprints… I doubt you’re talking about the way the ship looks since unless I am wrong, none of them have been built yet…