Can we do something about this, pretty please with sugar on top?

Shootings against Border Patrol escalating

The Brownsville Herald:

More than two dozen shots were fired at Border Patrol agents from across the Rio Grande on Friday and Wednesday, marking a large increase in such shootings in this sector of the border, an agency official said.

In fiscal year 2005, there were a total of six shootings, said Julio Salinas, spokesman for the Rio Grande Valley sector Border Patrol.

The shootings reported Friday and Wednesday are the sixth and seventh shootings since fiscal year began Oct. 1, officials said.

The article notes the same thing that I said last year: Increases in violence probably indicate that our security is actually improving, forcing the smugglers to resort to more drastic methods.

That doesn’t make it okay, however.

At about 7 p.m. on Friday, two Border Patrol boats carrying four agents were patrolling upriver from the Veteran’s bridge when 20 to 25 shots were fired at them from the Mexican side of the river, Salinas said.

The agents did not return fire during the shooting which was about a 1


  1. I’m with you Murdoc. Since the Stryker is a front-line vehicle still being rolled out the military, I would suggest using some of the thousands of M113’s sitting at various National Guard bases. Not as pretty of as fast but modern navigation equipment and surveillance equipment can be bolted on for a next to nothing these days.

  2. Use a Nat Guard Helo or aircraft (or their new predator) armed with laser guided HE versions of the hellfire. Give the agents laser designators. Next time someone starts shooting, zero in using thermal, laser designate his butt and then blow him back under whatever rock he crawled out from under. Enough playing with these guys. Its time to play a little hard ball.

  3. So what does Juile Myers bring to the table for this issue. Seems like we need her Uncle Richard, not her. I don’t belive she has any experiance in law enforcment or security so I wonder how effetive her leadership can be in this time of tension. Of course she could do well, I guess we will see. It just seems that better qualified person could have been found.