That was more difficult than it should have been

I just cancelled my MSN account. I’ve been using MSN since 1999. I switched to them after three years of AOL. I’ve recently switched to SBCYahoo! DSL, and despite what I’ve read about poor service and slow hook-ups, I don’t have a single complaint. I get 1.5Mbs downstream and have never lost my connection. Good stuff.

I checked on the various MSN websites to find out what I needed to do to cancel my subscription. Nothing. A number of searches using the MSN search. Nothing. An extended foray into the MSN help system. Nothing.

So I googled. The second hit on “msn account” takes you right to an MSN support page. One of the “top solutions” at the top of the page is “How do I cancel my account?”

A phone call to an 800 number, a short wait on hold, and a pointless debate with support about why I need to call back to verify my cancellation later, and I’m done with it. Except that I need to call back to verify my cancellation. Silly.