Update to Saudis

A reader e-mailed me with this comment on my earlier post about Saudi’s challenge to our allegatoins that Saudi citizens (and others) are entering Iraq through Saudi Arabia to attack US forces.

Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to publicly call them out on where they stand? It doensn’t have to be agressive, just a “That’s funny, because we just picked up this guy from your country who says…” kind of thing. Or might the administration not be so into getting the whole truth out there?Are we still dancing the oil jig with them?

I agree COMPLETELY with the idea of calling them out. If we have proof, I think we should share it with the world. I’ve been saying all along that we are finally going to find out who our friends are, and this could be (a very big) part of that process. Of course, if we don’t have proof, we can’t do that. In that case, maybe we shouldn’t be making the not-so-subtle allegations.

A complicating factor, of course, is the “oil jig.” Of course we’re still dancing it with them, and of course we’re going to continue to do so. As long as we need that black gold, we will be dancing the dance.

This could also be the Saudis making public announcements like this to placate the terrorist sympathizers in their kingdom while they honestly work to address the situation.

No. I don’t think so either.