Friday Linkzookery – 13 Jan 2006

UK-US Skirmishes Over JSF Overblown, Continuing
I wonder what percentage of the “skirmishing” is political maneuvering? I’m thinking it’s in the high 80s.

Taiwan has produced 3 prototypes of cruise missile
It’s called the Hsiung Feng 2E (Brave Wind). Murdoc appreciates the fact that they’re not relying only on their large and influential friends but trying to take things into their own hands.

Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail
I find Sen. Specter annoying. No posting annoying comments under a pseudonym. It’s a federal crime.

The dog that didn’t bark in the night

Energy Policy and Markets
Winds of Change has spun-off the policy aspect of their “Energy Currents” feature into its own thing. Good move.

Alberta oilsands world’s largest source of new crude oil by 2010: CIBC
Suddenly all those jokes about invading Canada aren’t funny anymore…

Pak Story
Pakistan earthquake relief, blogged by someone who was there. With links to extensive photo galleries.

A lot more LINKZOOKERY below the fold!

Spain arrests 17 Islamist suspects
They nabbed 15 last month. I thought Spain got a free pass because they pulled the troops out of Iraq.

Horn of Africa Task Force Helps Through Health
Laying the groundwork for one of the next battlefields in the War on Terror.

Full results of Air Mobility Study won’t be released
Let Murdoc summarize it for you: “Everything’s too effing heavy.”

Thomas P.M. Barnett’s The Pentagon’s New Map
Available for download.

Anoniblogging at Spirit of America
Anonymous Blogging encourages free speech in repressed countries

03-05 Nov 2006, Reno NV. Mr. Completely is looking to put together a little gathering of gun- and mil-bloggers. Murdoc’s interested, but most of my travel for the year is already booked. Check out the link and give him some feedback if you’re interested. Sounds like fun.

Taiwan Creates Pigs that Glow in the Dark
Another scary case of seeing if you CAN without wondering if you SHOULD…

DD(X) program getting top priority
And top priority means top dollar. Good article. (Ed. – Would we link otherwise?)

The Coming Armageddon at Sea
Mike Burleson on the status of the US Navy and our waning ship-building plans.

Vietnam: Historical Reflections – not the reported loss
I’ve said it before: One man’s Tet is another man’s Bulge.

Bomb found at Starbucks disarmed
Someone needs decaf.

Google Earth menaced by WW2 bomber
If we were to get far-enough away with a powerful-enough lens, we could take pictures of the past. Right?

Strykers back at Fort Lewis for an overhaul: “Gently used” they’re not
This is several weeks old but I forgot to write it up.

North Korea defectors call to improve rights
Another oldie I just didn’t get to. The defectors are former DPRK special forces soldiers. The reader who forwarded me the link included a picture, but it’s not in the news story and I don’t know it’s origins.

U.S. to provide Poland with five used C-130Es
Helping a great ally move a little more stuff.


  1. ‘Perspective: Create an e-annoyance, go to jail’ I always knew that guy Spectator was an idiot! PS: For the records, my first name is: Smuckers.

  2. Note the source for the oil sands study? Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce. I’m not saying there is a conflict of interests here, but I’d bet they and their clients own alot of alberta oil shares. Frankly, I’m canadian and I’d love nothing more than to see the oil sands never exploited. Getting the oil sand out is basically strip mining and the results of the processing are having very serious effects on the northern part of the prarie provinces (which doesn’t get mentioned much in the news reports). I dunno about you, but i’m not a fan of contaminating thousands of miles of prime grain farmland (which could be used for biodesiel) for gas.