Is there a Poland Fan Club?

Poland takes over air defense of Baltic States

I just noticed this Situational Awareness post from a couple of weeks ago. Murdoc continues to be impressed with Poland’s capabilities and willingness to do what needs to be done.

The more I see, the more I think of them as a sort of “Australia East”…good friends with the will and the means to provide meaningful aid when required. Except for George Bush’s cowboy-like unilateralism, Poland would almost be like, an ally, or something.


  1. Murdoc is really Bob Dole, he just won’t admit it. As for Poland being an Australia-East.. I like that. I’m a fan of Poland too. Although, a guy I know who came from there to study here says they have a real crime problem there, and have inherited some odd attitudes from their Soviet days. He says ‘what would be temporary here is permanent there’. Then again, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is one of my favorite slogans…

  2. I remember growing up in the 70’s and ‘Pollack’ jokes were all the rage (thanks to Archie Bunker?). Yet it was they who would instigated the fall of the Warsaw Pact and are standing buy us in Iraq when other so called friends have bolted. No more jokes from me, I promise!

  3. MO, Torcik is on the right track. It’s not that Poland doesn’t get entry visas to the US, which is not factual. It’s that there aren’t as many as they feel there ought to be, and besides why should they need them in the first place, being the tried and true ally they are? The visa situation is a big issue among at least some Poles, although I don’t enough about it comment on whether it’s on a majority of people’s minds. But from what I gather, it puts a hair up alot of people’s asses. And let me tell you this, MO: Poles are stubborn. And not like the normal obstinacy you find in normal everyday life. It’s a special kind of stubborn. I’ll tell you about the ‘slon a sprawa Polska’ sometime.