Totten to Iraq?

Michael J. Totten is going to go to Iraq. He’s accepting donations. Paypal him a few bucks if you think it’s worth it. Murdoc does.

He’s planning to spend his time in the Kurdish northern part of the country, and his insight should be particularly valuable as the “independent Kurdistan” movement picks up steam as Iraq slowly comes back online. The Turks, in particular, must be fretting over developments. If Iraqi Kurds get independence, the Turkish Kurds are not going to be satisfied with the status quo.

The situation calls for careful observation. David Axe is currently in the region and Totten will help immensely. (via Reynolds)


  1. I look forward to insights on the kurds. Nothing quite as exciting as seeing a civil war brewing. It will be interesting to see if the kurds end up with their own country as its certainly long overdue (as big a bummer as it might be to see iraq split up). The turks are not the only ones that would not be happy with a kurdistan though– there is also some kurds/old kurdish land in northen Iran. Also, ot but MO any chance for some stuff on Naval Expeditionary Combat Command developments.. e.g.–>

  2. Um… It’s not ‘their’ country, until they ethnically cleanse it. It is full of other minorities as well, or was until a few years ago. And they are more than capable of ethnic cleansing. When I was a child in Iraq we had an Armenian nanny who as a child herself had been caught up in the Armenian genocide. Apparently the Kurds were even worse than the Turks, scouting out on the hills for refugees to point out to the soldiers and handling them worse when they got hold of them. There’s a horror story I could tell, but I won’t repeat it here.

  3. When I said if the kurds get their own country (as in breaking off from iraq), I did not consider that as a prerequiste they would cleanse their land of outsiders. Most of the reports of this sort of thing (killings and what not) so far seemed to be more sunni/shite related- though as you say, the kurds could also get into this more. Wheather they would do this or not, I think the fairness of them having their own country, and getting back parts of their ancent lands from iran and turkey still stands. Hopefully if that did happen, people could leave peacefully or be accepted, and not just killed. I cant say I would be for having iraq split up- but it seems so invetible that im inclined to look for bright spots. If the kurds did decide to go ethnic cleansing, then that is certainly one more reason to keep iraq the current iraq, as peacfull and together as possible. I still think that once the US is fianlly out, the country will break apart one way or another. If not the Kurds, then shites, or vice versus. Like Yugoslavia, or to a lesser exten Czecholslovakia, the internal tensions will drive the regions apart to seperate into their own countries eventually.