Just like between North and South Korea!

U.S. finds California-Mexico tunnel

A reader tips me off to this troubling story. At least 15 tunnels have been found in California and Arizona since 9/11, and the Border Patrol has formed a specialized tunnel-hunting task force.

Might there be any benefit to getting any aid from the South Korean tunnel hunters?


  1. Can the US just not use the border region as a demolitions training range? A few c4 charges should collapse any nearby tunnels. Anyone unlucky to be inside should not be inside, so therefore is a fool. But as always, I’m sure this would annoy some human rights people who would stop us.

  2. There would be a certain sense justice to that, Vstress. It’s like when illegal immigrants wander into actual live-fire ranges in military training areas and people say ‘why stop firing?’ I don’t think we’ve even come close to reaching that point yet. I can see that we might get there some day, but I guess I’m in favor of trying other tactics first.

  3. With all due respect Murdoc, CNN is not a reliable news source. CNN forgot to include a critical bit of information. According to early AP reports: ‘The tunnel is across the border from an area that is either owned or leased by Mexican Customs. ‘

  4. I actually do have morality, lol. posted by Vstress There’s a cure for that disease Vstress. Become a member of the DEMOCRAT PARTY!

  5. I thought I was being a tad paranoid in ’04 when I was trying to figure out if there were viable tunnels along the Canadian border. Given the heavy concentration of muslims in Dearborn and along that stretch of the border, I thought tunneling might be useful for them. Maybe I wasn’t that far off base.