“Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed”

American Death Star Coming to a Universe Near You (or so MSNBC would have you believe)

Officers’ Club notes the recent stories about guns in the sky. A good read, and contains a sentence that will be nominated for 2006 Understatement of the Year:

Peace activists, however, do not see eye to eye with military officials.

You don’t say.

See the sound
It crashes in
All around
It gets in

Now take your hands
And raise them up
Into the air
That’s all around ya

Now bring ’em down
Like a clock at two
Shake your hair
You know what to do

They want to put
Guns in the sky
Somewhere out there
Ain’t gonna like it

Well it could be good
Make us love each other
Have to realize
Our only future

Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky
Guns in the sky

Guns in the sky
Child grows up to see
Guns in the sky
Used to be on TV

Wanna change
Forgot the joke
It’s great to see you
I’m running late

Da da da
Love your hair
Da da da
Lend me a ten
Da da da
I love your big house
Da da da
Could you spare a dime

Well I’m sick of it
It’s a load of shit
We could stop the world
And let off all the fools
And let them go live
With their guns in the sky

Hey, if INXS doesn’t know what it’s all about, who does?