Well, I guess I’m not granting much benefit of the doubt on this one

Questions raised about tunnel found at border

Get this:

TIJUANA — Did U.S. authorities find a cross-border tunnel west of the San Ysidro port of entry this week, or was it just a passageway on the U.S. side that ended at a concrete barrier?

Hiram S├ínchez, a high-ranking official with the Mexican Attorney General’s Office, said yesterday that his office would determine the answer.

Right after he helps O.J. track down the real killers.

Border Patrol agents found a tunnel Monday that runs about 35 feet into the United States. On the other side of the border fence from the tunnel is a junkyard lot owned by Mexican Customs.

Are they sure it’s really a junkyard? Just because their buildings aren’t as fancy as US Customs facilities doesn’t mean you should call names.

No effort was being made in Mexico to excavate the site yesterday.

Well, that’s because it’s already been, um, excavated. That’s whole problem.

I noted this yesterday, and a reader tipped me off to the fact that the tunnel appeared to originate on Mexican Customs property. That fact seems to have been left out of many news reports on the story. I wonder why that is.