Friday Linkzookery – 20 Jan 2006

The $200 Magic Bullet
“Magic Bullet” training rounds. The secret of the real “Magic Bullets” died when Jack Ruby killed the Lone Gunman.

Army Infantry Division Loses its ‘Light’
Wags will point out that no divisions with Strykers should be called (Light) divisions. Maybe 25th Infantry Division (Lighter (But Not Light Enough)).

UK Stealth Drone Unveiled
The Corax. Pic and more at Defense Tech.

JSTARS Adds Blue Force Tracking Capability
The network continues to grow and integrate as JSTARS adds FBCB2 info.

Who sank my battleship at the Charleston Boat Show
Life-sized (well, you know what they mean) game on the 27th.

Navy Shipbuilding Plan Called Unrealistic
It wasn’t me this time! I swear!

Additional Linkzookery below the fold:

Navy sinks


  1. I thought the striker article was interesting… I was thinking about something called the ‘mule’. Picture a small armor vehicle. 6 or 8 small (car sized but for off road) wheels. comes up to about 4 feet tall. smaller then a car. armored. electric powered(?). a mini-turet with a lmg and maybe a 40mm nade launcher. remotely piloted. room on the inside for one stretcher only when you pull the gear out. have one with each squad. troops ride on the outside (grabrails and running boards) to the battlezone. on patrol it can serve as scout, communications uplink, water and gear carrier, fire support vehicle (maybe with a 60 or 80 mm mortar in it). Eventually have one with each fire team. Oh, and of course- the screamer- non-lethal weapon…

  2. Yes, that’s not a bad idea. Given the prevalence of remote sensors on armoured vehicles, and given the need for an IFV, it makes sense, and can be driven by someone at HQ, given sufficient communications with troops in the field. The lack of people inside will mean it can be small enough to navigate narrow alleys while still being quite heavily armed and armoured. I would say a 30mm Bushmaster + 7.62mm machine-gun, and perhaps close-range grenade launchers (HE+smoke), with day and night sensors on a small tracked vehicle, would be handy. Especially if it’s electrically driven and therefore quiet (or else just a regular quiet automobile engine).

  3. Oriskany sinking cleared An interesting, albeit tragic ship. While waiting to launch an air strike against North Vietnam (circa 1967) a missile fired on the flight deck creating a huge explosion and fire. If I’m not mistaken it killed nearly 100 crewmen. Since I’m writing this from memory does anyone have anything to add or corrections?

  4. Toejam, you seem to be thinking of the Forrestal, although the Oriskany had a fire which killed 44 a year earlier. Interestingly, Senator John McCain was in an A-4 Skyhawk aboard the Forrestal which was struck by the stray rocket, detonating one of the bombs he was carrying. It sounds like it was a miracle he survived that. Many others did not. I didn’t know about either incident until you brought it up and I Googled. Thanks for mentioning.

  5. Thanks Nicholas for clearing that up. My memory ain’t what it use to be. Soon as you mentioned Forrestal it ‘clicked’. I guess I’d better start using Google and forget about my memory. Forget about my memory Is that an Oxymoron?

  6. Is that an Oxymoron? Toejam: Please review the MO Comments Policy. Name-calling will not be tolerated. (Yes, I’m joking, people…)