Another submersible aircraft carrier?

Atlantic Ocean (Jan. 15, 2006) — The amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) shown operating in dense fog in the Atlantic Ocean. Iwo Jima is currently underway conducting exercises in preparation for an upcoming deployment. U.S. Navy photo by Lithographer Seaman Apprentice Bryant Kurowski (RELEASED)

Oh…it’s FOG.

And, uh, I still owe everyone another submerisble aircraft carrier post. I’ve got some stuff together, but if anyone has any more cool links on the subject, send ’em in.


  1. Murdoc (or anyone else into sa’s), if your into seeing a hypothetical submerisble aircraft carrier in action, you might be interested in the one in the Anime ‘Full Metal Panic’. Its anime so its got a lot of clutter (mostly other stuff reall), but they there is a special operations submarine that can launch mechs. It could just as easily be choppers though. A special operations sub launching a couple of helo’s is probably a more pratical (as practical as a SA could be) then a large one. Large aircraft carriers tend to operate near continously as they are sending out patrols of aircraft. A smaller special operation ones (maybe even a boomer conversion), might provide a easier way of launching a small SF stike mission. Or perhaps, a UAV. It could offer much more options then sending in seals by mini-sub- which are relativey slow and cannot deliver overland (in comparison to a chopper).

  2. Secretary of the American Naval Kreigsmarine (SECAMNAK) Grand Admiral Alouicious R. Humphrey announced yesterday, with a published report, that the United States will no longer seek the deployment of the experimental submersible aircraft carrier. Following weeks of testing in the North Atlantic, the project was finally scrapped after no fewer than seven F-3.14 ‘Cascading Walnut’ air superiority aircraft failed to take off from the deck of the submerged aircraft carrier. The first of the submarine carriers, CVJ-01 the USS Al Gore, returned to its base at Norfolk, Virginia where it will be converted into a cargo transport.

  3. Hahah very nice. Submerisble aircraft carriers are for real life, too they have just never found a real niche that justifed the expense. This page has a nice overview: Of note is the one we tried in the 1920s, with the S-1 sub. It carried a MS-1 seaplane in a cylinder (after it was taken apart). A modern eqivilent would probably have its uses- maybe special ops deployment? I think the big issue with launching airborne things from subs is the return. Missile and cruise missles don’t come back, so you don’t have to worry about re-surfacing and you can fire them from underwater. However, with something like a helo, you have to surface, then you have to surface again. However, the return is very hard because if your hiding underwater its hard to detect your returning aircraft (no radar), and its hard for the returning aircraft to find you. Using a time and waypoint is the solution, but that does not allow for much mission flexibility.