Maybe they’re just on a summer holiday?

Saudis Challenge U.S. Over Iraq Fighters

A reader sent me the link to this story about a Saudi official challenging allegations by some US officials that Saudi citizens have crossed into Iraq to fight American troops.

The first thing I notice is that the Saudi official, foreign policy adviser Adel al-Jubeir, isn’t actually denying the allegations. He’s just asking for proof. Given the participation of Saudi citizens in so many recent terrorist incidents, that’s prudent. He also makes an offer:

“We are willing to send a team to Iraq to look at any evidence they might have,” he said. “Saudi Arabia is determined to fight terrorism and to prosecute terrorists regardless of where they are.”

It certainly appears on the surface that the Saudi government is more willing to fight terrorism lately, but I always get the feeling that too many government and military types in Saudi Arabia are at least sympathetic to if not outrightly members of, the very organizations we want them to fight.

Al-Jubeir said Saudi guards are on full patrol along the Iraqi border, but that American troops have failed to occupy the border positions that were abandoned by Iraqi soldiers at the start of the war.

“We have raised this issue with the U.S. on a number of times, both before the war and after the hostilities ended,’ al-Jubeir said. “We have raised the importance of sealing the Iraqi border with the U.S. government because of concerns there might be smuggling of weapons from Iraq into Saudi Arabia.”

So does that mean that the patrols that were meant to keep Iraqis out of Saudi Arabia are not able to monitor the situation? Remember, Iraq has been openly hostile to Saudi Arabia for many years, and the main reason we were able to send troops to the kingdom in 1990 was that Saudi Arabia feared they were next on Saddam’s list. Or could it possibly be that, with US forces in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for the past decade, Saudi Arabia hasn’t been taking its responsibility to guard its own border as seriously?

Have those 28 pages about Saudi Arabia in the Congressional 9/11 Report been released? Or at least shared with the Saudis? I haven’t head that they have.

We know that foreign fighters are entering Iraq. The main reason we know this is that Maureen Dowd says they are and that it’s the latest proof that Bush is an idiot. Besides that, they’ve been there all along. And more are coming every day, according to just about anyone. It seems that someone is listening to all those tape bin Laden puts out.

I personally believe that the increased activity of foreign fighters in Iraq indicates that the Iraqi fighters willing to fight the infidel occupiers are either unable to do so or dead. Again, I don’t know if this was the plan all along, but I think it’s probably plan ‘B’.

Saudi Arabia wants proof that Saudis are entering from Saudi Arabia and attacking infrastructure or US forces? Why don’t we just send them back the bodies?