If you want something done right…


It seems that in some palces where US or British troops have been replaced by units of other nationalities there are problems. There is annecdotal evidence that the Iraqis prefer to be occupied by US or UK forces rather than those from other countries.

Something that occurs to me is that troops from a country (Italy, for instance, from what I hear) where it is often fashionable to look down noses at cultures percieved to be “lesser” or “uncivilized” must look at the poor, destitue Iraqi population with less than enthusiasm. Obviously, American perceptions aren’t perfect, either, but the impression I’ve had is that our guys are being excellent representatives of our country. Even though a great many of them support our presence, it must still be galling to the average Iraqi to be occupied, by Americans or otherwise. But it’s seeming as if, given the choice, the Iraqis prefer American troops.