Another BTR-80 with slat armor


Here’s another look at the Russian slat armor on their BTR-80 APC, which I noted recently. See Strategy Page for a better look.

If you compare this photo to the one I posted, you’ll notice that there are a few apparent differences in the armor kit. Most obvious is the fact that in today’s photo the slats do not cover the top of the wheel wells and in the earlier photo they extend nearly to the bottom of the vehicle’s hull. The wheel wells are often a weak spot in wheeled vehicles, so this could be significant. Also, in today’s pic the lower part of the front section is angled back towards the hull pretty sharply. The previous photo shows this same section only slightly angled, and I almost commented on it at the time.

Upon review, it appears that the the lower sections of the entire kit are hinged and can be swung up. Another pic on the site where I found Tuesday’s picture shows a BTR-80 “on the move” with the lower grill folded up along the sides:

Plus, from this angle we get a better look at the angle of the lower front sections, and they don’t appear to be aligned very well. Could be shoddy Russian workmanship or they could be swinging freely (or at least hinged and moveable). Murdoc’s guess is that it’s the latter.

As far as I know, all the slats on Strykers are solidly fixed in place. Opinions on the relative effectiveness?