Defense Tech on the Stiletto

A couple of weeks ago I noted the M80 Stiletto low-wake landing craft.

Today, Noah at Defense Tech has a great link-filled post up on the thing, so be sure to check it out at SEAL Ship: Silent But Deadly.

To be honest, I’m not sure why I didn’t cross-post this at Defense Tech myself at the time. This is totally the sort of thing that I usually earmark for the DT treatment…


  1. Why would you reduce the signature from the front, then make the sides and stern of it vertical? Who the hell designs this stuff? Oh yeah, the committee.

  2. Um… there isn’t much point in making a water craft invisible to radar. That just makes it show up as a gap in the background reflection from ordinary levels of chop. The wake issue is something else, though (I’m pleased to see it described as low wake rather than no wake).