Unhelpful in any way

I meant to point this out a couple of days ago, but fortunately Michelle Malkin didn’t put it off like Murdoc did:

An editor at Crown Forum books, a Conservative publisher with Random House, noted the, um, ‘creative’ reviews and uploaded images on Amazon and wrote this:

Amazon already has contracts with Liberal newspapers and magazines that are free to post bad reviews (obviously) of Conservative books. However, they offer no such contracts to Conservative media and therefore offer no way to refute what is said in the negative Liberal reviews, other than what we are allowed to put in our own ‘quotes’ section.

These types of business practices by Amazon are completely unacceptable; for them not to monitor these images that anyone can put up and for them not to make any effort to support their Conservative business partners is awful.

The whole thing seems pretty ridiculous to Murdoc. I mean, who’s going to take those crappy reviews and images seriously? Doesn’t that hurt Amazon’s standing as a serious seller? I’d be curious to know if extreme Righty efforts in a similar vein are treated similarly.

FWIW, the images don’t seem to be up any longer. For more, including sample images and reader reviews, see Malkin’s post.


  1. And speaking of reviews of things how about this one. ‘Hamas won,’ said Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel. ‘Hamas is surely not a democratic movement. Its ideas are surely not humanistic ideas. ‘What do we do now?’ OMG don’t they know any better….. time for eatin mass Lotus blossoms and applying Charlie Brown’s theory: ‘There is no problem so big it cannot be run away from.’

  2. I don’t know if Godwin’s Law applies in this case, but Hitler won an election, too. There is a tendency to fetishize elections – that somehow, receiving the lustration of a democratic election somehow makes the winner righteous, or at least sanctioned by a higher authority. There is a long tradition of demagogues and worse exploiting the weaknesses of a democratic state. The only defense against that is an educated and morally courageous citizenry – a citizenry that at least for the most part votes for what is right, not for what is expedient. Or worse, for what base emotions lead to. The Palestinians have not, I think, ever exhibited any of the qualities necessary for a real democracy to succeed. Electing Hamas shows that they value Hatred and Fear more than anything else.

  3. When it comes to Amazon reviews I look at it this way: The more wild-eyed a review gets the more I’m probably gonna like the product. For something to be so harshly attacked by one side tells me its probably telling the truth.