Friday Cat Blogging – F-14 Tomcat, Take 2

Here’s another shot at Timmeh’s:

It’s cool, as are all Tomcat pictures, but this one is special since it includes the ROVER antenna. I noted ROVER (Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver) transmits the Tomcat’s targeting display data (pictures) down to a laptop on the ground. Follow the link for more info.

Timmeh writes:

The small, bright green antenna is mounted on the closer bomb rail (follow the starred stripe down and aft and you’ll hit it). It is a huge improvement in our abilities to help the guys on the ground, and makes our older, soon-to-be-retired jet one of the most capable air support platforms in the campaign.

It must be that blue-looking thing. At least it’s blue on my monitor, and my wife agreed with me. Also, if you look closely you can see the Roosevelt in the distance underneath.


  1. This seems like a good time to bring up this old article comparing the F-14 and F-18. What a huge mistake to retire the F-14 without a replacement. It is hard for me to believe after all the outrage over the proposed retirement of the A-10, no one seems to have anything to say about the retirement of the Tomcat. It’s too bad Grumman was never able to follow up on the D with their Super Tomcat. I guess the Navy is too far in the pockets of their suppliers for any of us to expect them to do what’s right when it comes to defending our nation.