While hunting down hotlinkers who are stealing my bandwidth, I came across this pic of an M79 grenade launcher. It’s cool, so I snagged it:


  1. Mea culpa. A year ago at Kandahar Airfield my partner and I came upon a trooper astride a 4-wheeler with a bloop gun on his thigh. My partner was a Vietnam veteran (11B, 9th ID) and he called it a ‘blooper.’ We pulled up beside the guy and asked him about his piece. He said he liked it better than a 203, handier, lighter, and he wanted his M-4 for shooting small bullets. He said something about an anti-personnel round that was better than a shotgun for clearing caves and cellars. Most of those old bloop guns are still in the inventory and can be requisitioned by units that know how.

  2. Hotlinkers’ are those who post a pic on a website (generally a message board, but not always) by pulling it directly from another web site. For instance, when I found this pic, I copied it, saved it, and uploaded it to my server. Then I set my post to display it by pulling it from my server. It ‘costs’ bandwidth to send the image to viewers, but it’s my bandwidth to spend. Hotlinkers simply set their post to pull the image from MY server. They don’t have to store the pic, and the bandwidth cost is paid by me to display the picture on their site. Which makes them basically bastards. I (apparently) inadvertently turned off the ‘hotlink protection’ on my server and have gone nearly 100% over my allotted bandwidth for the month. I hope my host don’t charge me for it…

  3. For the record, Cannoneer No. 4 is not ‘basically a bastard’ in any way, shape, or form even though he hotlinked a couple of pics earlier… ;] (Actually, I’m thankful that he did, because it was when I saw them that I realized something was wrong and checked my host, thereby discovering that I probably owe them $$$…)

  4. Cartridge, 40mm, Multiple Projectile (Buckshot), M576 Though it is a multipurpose round, it is most effective in thick vegetated areas or for room clearing. Inside it has at least 2,000 pellets, which cast a cone of fire 98 feet (30 m) wide and 98 feet high and travel at 882 feet per second (269 mps). Be sure to aim buckshot rounds at the foot of the target. The round has no mechanical-type fuse. This round is olive drab with black markings.