Oops…How’d THAT get up there?!?

Fidel Castro is punked! As he speaks, a sign behind him flashes Abraham Lincoln’s words: ‘No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent’

I just LOVE America!

Frank Warner notes this:

As Cuban dictator Fidel Castro began speaking to a crowd he had gathered Tuesday in front of the official U.S. mission building in Havana, the U.S. mission lit up an electronic message on the fifth floor that startled the tyrant.

The sign said, in 5-foot-high Spanish words:

“No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent.” Abraham Lincoln.

En español: “Ningún hombre es lo suficientemente bueno para gobernar a otros sin su consentimiento.”

The despot had been punked! It was as if Lincoln had held up devil’s horns behind Castro’s unelected pig head.

Castro’s response? He’s HAVING A WALL BUILT to block the view of the U.S. Mission.

In the comments section, someone suggested using lasers to project the message onto clouds next time, and another said it worked better on buildings and solid things. Murdoc suggested using the lasers to project the message onto the NEW WALL right behind good ol’ Fidel.

UPDATE: And Frank has posted a Photoshop recreation of the punkagery.

FOREHEAD-SLAPPING UPDATE: Buckethead writes in the comments:

I would suggest using lasers on Fidel Castro. Really powerful ones.



  1. This is a very funny story Murdoc. But it looks to me like it was faked. If you notice: the horizontal line of the sentence lines up with the roof of the building, but the vertical orientation of the letters doesn’t line up with that of the building. It appears to me that the sentence was rotated to match the roof-top because the perspective on the letters seems to be dead on while the face of the building appears to have been photographed from the right, looking left. Nevertheless STILL pretty funny.

  2. B.A.: The pic is totally a fake. The event, however, was real. There apparently isn’t an image available of the real event, so Frank created his own.

  3. On my Free Frank Warner site, I point out that the picture is not real. It is my Photoshop version of the real event. Click here for another look. (And yes, I forgot which button would help correct the perspective on the words. I’ll have to look that up.) The actual Castro-humiliation was in the daytime. The real electronic ‘ticker’ sign has only one deck. And the real Castro looks much uglier than that.