The Northwest Passage

Arctic Soveriegnty

Dean Esamy notes a point of contention between the new Conservative government in Canada in the United States. In the comments he notes

My guess is that the US doesn’t want to recognize Canada’s territorial claim here because they want their nuclear subs and aircraft carriers to move at will through it.

That is it exactly.


  1. The right of archipelagic transit is pretty firmly established in maritime law. Canada has probably exercised that right once or twice themselves. It’s the lurking about, not transiting, which could be the contentious issue. Outside of 12 miles though, they haven’t got a leg to stand on. With respect to territory, apparently there’s some quarrel with Denmark at the top near Greenland. Doesn’t mean a thing though if you’re just passing through.

  2. I don’t understand why Canada is striking out on it’s own on this issue. Why aren’t they working with us to counter and Danish claims. I am sure that it could be done diplomatically. Now I have read there are resourses in these areas that may be a 2nd prize in this matter.