European Stryker Brigade

Stryker brigade may get first Romania rotation

The 2nd Cavalry Regiment will be arriving in Germany later this year, and it might be rotated into Romania in 2007 under a recent basing agreement with the former Soviet-bloc nation.

The 2nd Cav is currently at Ft. Lewis, Washington and rebuilding from the ground up around the Stryker. But it isn’t quite that simple. The 1st Brigade of the 25th Infantry Division will be re-flagged as the 2nd Cav and will transfer to Germany. The current 2nd Cav will then become the 4th Brigade of the 2nd Division. The 172nd Brigade (currently in Iraq) will become the new 1st Brigade of the 25th Division. All clear?

The article also mentioned the possibility of a Bulgarian deployment for the 2nd Cav, but a clarification notes that no other nations were specifically named.


  1. With Korea fast becoming a No Fun Allowed zone, perhaps we’ll see Eastern Europe become the next playground tour. I’m all for it; these countries combine strategic location with a friendly populace and a very favorable exchange rate. And, of course, their lovely women.

  2. jim b: When I was with them in ’88 – ’90 and when they depoloyed to GWI, they had M-3 Bradleys and M1 Abrams. When I left FT. Lewis in the spring of ’92, they had just finished reorg-ing the infantry brigade as the 199th Independent Infantry Brigade (Motorized), with one single cavalry unit remaining, A Troop, 9th Cavalry, 199th IIB (Motorized). Tojours Pret!

  3. The 2nd ACR spent most of the 90s as an Armored Humvee regiment. To be honest, I still think there’s a place for that in the Army and that getting rid of it was not a great idea.

  4. I wonder if the Romanian rotations will be ‘accompanied’ tours (you can bring wife and family). I sure hope so. Probably the toughest part of being an active duty Soldier or Marine these days is the long separations from family. Iraq and Afghanistan are obviously un-accompanied tours. Many enlisted personnel end up doing an un-accompanied year in Korea or Japan as well. If the Army is smart and cares about morale, they are building facilities and housing for families on these bases – similar to what they have on the major German bases.

  5. Bram: To be honest, I think I read somewhere that they are not ‘accompanied’ deployments. I don’t know where I read it, and I don’t know if it was a reliable source or not…

  6. I can second the unaccompanied rumor, but not substantiate it. That is, I’ve also heard something, somewhere, from someone, stating that the new bases would be unaccompanied tours at first. I believe it was an AP report from early 2005. If this progresses there’s little doubt in my mind that we’ll see the same sort of long-term infrastructure build up as you can see in Kaiserslautern or Stuttgart today.