Today’s post on the Google thing


Compare and contrast the results for ‘tiananmen’ in various versions of Google:

Google UK:

So far so good.

Google Canada:

Well, many Candians speak English as their primary language. How about someone else?

Google France:

Even though they don’t use English as their primary language, the French are, of course, Western.

Google Russia:

Hmmm. Call Murdoc dense, but I think I see a pattern here.

And then there’s Google China:

Looks like a pretty nice place, doesn’t it? And apparently most-well known as a vacation destination.

Sins can be committed through omission, if you know what I mean.

(Inspired by, who I noticed when he linked to the handcuff image.)

UPDATE: Plus, Dean’s got a great cartoon.

UPDATE 2: Looks like Just a Gwai Lo noticed this a few days ago. And he links to even more.


  1. Tiananmen square is a beautiful place, and I think its a shame that it has been associated so closely with that unfortunate incident with the tanks and stuff. Better that we all get out our little red books and relax and not think about it.