They gave the Air Force rifles!

Check out The Officers’ Club pic of the day.

I mean, do they only give each guy one round, or something?

(NOTE: Yes, I’m totally full of it.)


  1. Hot Dang. Lookat this the .45 is comin back and the M9 is goin the way of all the other pistols that shoot that round invented by dead Germans. Now if we can just get rid of that danged poodle shooter and get a rifle. No wait better yet … leave the Air Force armed with it. Give everyone else rifles. After all the Air Force developed the AR-15. MacNamara thought they were so neat everyone should have one. I think just to get even the grunts should develop the next bomber the Air Force has to use.

  2. If these guys are the aircraft security, who placed the covers on the probes? You can see the probes on the nose of the aircraft just under the windows and in front of the numbers. It also looks as if the props have been moved to the on deck position (this helps keep stuff out of the intakes just to the rear of the props).

  3. real’ airforce men don’t use rifles. (Aside from using them as a tomato vine guide.)If we have a problem that requires rifles – that is what the army is used for. Besides you know carring a rifle can cause back strain?? (Yes I am mocking – but 26 years in the airforce – I only dimly remember firing a M14 in basic.)

  4. If that Israeli nano armor pans out, we can use all the weight saved to issue those over-heavy OICW’s, with the 20mm smart grenades and what not. Maybe replace the underslung mini-hk with something cooler, like a metalstorm pack. That’ll show em. Or maybe lasers. Or uavs with lasers…

  5. You go buckethead. I myself prefer the ever-so-popular, never-to-be-denied Interplanitary Nucleonic Blasters. BTW in this month’s Popular Mechanics they detain the new rifle. It comes in light(5.56 in case poodles attack) and heavy (7.62 in case something bigger attacks). No mention of 6.8, 6.5 etc. It even mentions deployment. Kinda looks like an H&K to me, can’t tell. Does have a gas cylinder, that much I like too.