Friday Linkzookery – 03 Feb 2006

CEV page at Astronautix
Crew Exploration Vehicle page debuts at the awesome Astronautix site. (via Space Transport News)

Open Tip Bullets
Locus Medius with a good post on this issue.

New Boat Offers Military Smoother Ride, Versatility
DefenseLINK release on the M80 Stiletto.

Facts vs. Fiction: A Report from the Front
Karl Zinmeister on Iraq.

Harry will go to danger zone
Hopefully not in a Nazi uniform…

The Untold Casualty Story
Strategy Page with some numbers and some reasons.

Heartwarming Story
Has it all: Thugs, a 15-year-old girl, martial arts…you name it.

New Horizon On Course For Jupiter Transfer To Pluto And Beyond
Info on the early course corrections. Only 25% of budgeted correction was required due to very accurate launch.

Unmanned > Outer Solar System > Pluto / KBO > New Horizons
Speaking of New Horizons, Alan Stern (the New Horizons Principal Investigator) and Bruce Moomaw, and others are posting on this board. Good stuff.

Contest Seeks Military Songwriters
Song Soul Service…if you’re in uniform you’ve got until the 15th to enter. Winners will have their song professionaly produced.

Another reason to ditch the 9mm pistol
Donald Sensing has more on this issue.

New Energy Currents: 2006-02-02
John Atkinson’s latest collection at Winds of Change.

Oil Imports
Speaking of energy…

China Domestic Oil, Gas Output Up In 2005
Speaking of oil…

QDR Revolves Around Terror, Chinese Threat
Speaking of China…

Quadrennial Review Allows DoD to Make ‘Vector Changes’
Speaking of the QDR…check your vector, Victor

U.S. payrolls grew by 193,000 in January
“Unemployment rate falls to 4.7 percent as hiring numbers disappoint” Added almost 200,000 new jobs, lowest CPS number since July of 2001. No wonder everyone’s “disappointed”…

Floating Like a Butterfly: The USAF’s Blimp Future
Joe Katzman on the USAF’s gasbags.

Foreign Fighters Found in Ramadi
The Iraqi Army busts a cell of 11 Syrians and 4 Iraqis

Tanking in the goo
Murdoc’s new wallpaper, taken by Timmeh

Navy Coastal Warfare Squadron 5 Joins the fleet
The “brown water” Navy continues to grow.

Inspected Once, Inspected Right!

If you happen to need home inspection in west Michigan (Ottawa, Allegan, Kent, and Muskegon counties) check this out.

Mobile phone tracking, girlfriend stalking and the law
The law always takes the fun out of everything


  1. Bravo for Harry, hope he makes it through all right. Yeah bring back the .45. Thats a good point on losses, there so much lower then any war before.

  2. Hey look at that. Not only do I get a mention, but I get ‘good post’ and it’s above the fold (i.e. before the ‘Continued’ link). Thanks, Murdoc. I appreciate the link.

  3. About the WALRUS, one issue I have not seen addressed is its survivability. I understand that it should be able to move million pounds of material (and troops?) 12,000 miles in seven days. Just how vulnerable is it going to be during those seven days? Even at the high altitude, it would be vulnerable to relatively low performance jets for a long time. Even allowing for US air superiority, if you were China, for example, wouldn’t you be willing to sacrifice a wing of Mig 21s to take out the better part of a combat brigade while its inching its way towards Japan? Maybe that’s another reason for the F-22, Walrus Escort?

  4. Layman, Most airlift does not operate in threat environments. Anyway, it does not strike me that C-17 or surface ships are that much less vulnerable — they are still big, slow vehicles. There is only so much materiel you’d want to put on one transport, though. Even in peacetime a blimp can crash or a boat can sink.

  5. One company developing a Walrus concept shot up a test-blimp with thousands of rounds of various amunition, it was still floating about usefully hours later. Low pressure envelopes (1-2% overpressure) allow for this.

  6. Hmm, they shot the blimp up and it was ok. Did anyone think to check on the people (dummies, I hope) inside? Someone call the Pentagon! Our Air Force has been taken over by the communists. This has got to be the stupidest idea ever. Remember when low and slow meant 25,000ft and Mach 0.5 (instead of M 0.005)?