Driving out the Bush Regime with pots, pans, and church bells

World Can’t Wait vs. the State of the Union Speech. Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern.


  1. What I CAN’T WAIT for is for these people to dry up and blow away. They will. Just not tomorrow. Until then, I’ll visit these sites dailey for a good laugh…and a shudder or two. …..(Chanelling Alvin York)

  2. Comrades, I couldn’t help but notice that this group is begging for $500,000 to help with their costs for all this nonsense. You’d think that some of these stars who claim to support these views would gladly fork over that cash. They DO believe in this cause, right? I mean, they just wouldn’t sign on because they need the free publicity, would they? Hmm…. I wonder just who is using who here? Yup. I’m gonna sit down and watch the SOTU on TV, from my couch, with a glass of bourbon, and write out a check to my local GOP office. I’ll also be encouraging my friends to do the same. Now THAT’S quality entertainment:) Respects, Gwedd

  3. and write out a check to my local GOP office Don’t waste your time. All the special intertest lobbyist have the GOP in their pocket. Better send it Jack Abramhoff. I noticed in the TV listing that the SOTU is listed under comedy