Proof of failure in Afghanistan


From the NY Times


Villagers attacked Taliban rebels who had blockaded a road and were confiscating music cassettes from passing cars in southern Spin Boldak and saying music is forbidden by Islam, officials said. Two militants and a villager were killed. Ten militants had seized dozens of cassettes from travelers before the villagers attacked, said Abdul Wasai, the government chief in the district.

Four years after liberation and they still don’t have mp3 players!


< /sarcasm >


  1. Comrades, Ooops… looks like the Djinn is out of the bottle in Afghanistan. That’s the problem with letting folks taste freedom.. they seem to want more of it, and become really p*ssed off when folks try to limit it or take it away. Freedom is the most adictive drug known to mankind. Once you get a taste of being allowed to, say, make decisions for yourself, everything else becomes irrelevant. Folks in this village decided, on their own, that enough was enough and took matters into their own hands, and that is as it should be. The Taliban boyz got punked, and you know that the reverberations of this one little incident are going to be heard for quite awhile. At least, in Taliban circles…. It’s time that the vasy majority of Muslims stood up and loudly siad ‘ENOUGH!’ God alone has the right and the power to judge issues of a religious nature. I am encouraged by these signs. Respects to all, Gwedd

  2. This is fantastic news! If someone is willing to fight oppression for the minor reason of playing music, then it’s clear that the Afghanis really have had enough of tyranny. Sometimes I begin to doubt that freedom is as important to them as it is to us. This kind of story makes me realize what a stupid thought that is.

  3. Well I dunno. If they were collecting up …Lucy in the Sky with Shatner cassettes, it’s not a good sign that they got thumped.

  4. Good news, sadly only heard it here. It would have made a great last ‘light-hearted, funny’ bit on the evening news.