Then we could call them the “JDAMs of peace

Michelle Malkin Nails It

Dave Price at Dean’s World notes a Malkin post:

“CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam.”

“Out of respect” for Islam and Muslims?


Out of fear.

The ugly reality is we would not see “Piss Christ” or “The Book of Daniel” or Kanye West posing as Christ on the cover of Rolling Stone if Christians rioted and issued credible death threats every time things like that happened. The MSM can mock the sacrifice of our military and belittle its strength, because they know the Joint Chiefs are going to write letters, not drop JDAMS, in response. [emphasis Murdoc’s]


  1. Do good to those who missuse you and pray for those who persecute you.’ – Jesus ‘Kidnap those who mock you and kill/blow up every one who apposes you.’ – Muhamed and his followers I think that about says all that needs to be said on this point. Death to ALL terrorists!!

  2. These cartoons- This emboldens our enemies. The cartoons, abu grahb, the lies about WMD, the ‘crusade’ talk- that emboldens our enemies, and alienates the hearts and minds that we are trying so desparately to win.

  3. Aaron, I have not until now responded to anything you’ve said here at Murdoc Online. But, damn, boy, that is amongst the most ridiculous of all the ridiculous things you’ve said here. Perhaps those cartoons infuriate our enemies. It enrages them. But when you use the world ’embolden’ you presume that hithertoo, they were timid. That they wouldn’t have had the gumption or level of hatred necessary to attack us without this provocation. I need only point to the long history of Islamic terrorism against the west over the thirty years before 9/11 to demonstrate the idiocy of that idea. Also, who in the west (aside from some residents of the Balkans) is still hung up over events most of a thousand years in the past? If they can say Jihad, we should in a fair and just universe be allowed to occasionally let slip the word crusade. In addition, there is a clear difference between inaccurate intelligence and lies. We were wrong, that doesn’t make us, the British, the French, the entire Western world and in all likelihood Saddam himself liars about WMD. And also, no government had a thing to do with these cartoons. It was a private newspaper in a country that is not a major participant in the war on terror. It wasn’t part of any sort of plan. And what it really does is expose the weakness and brittleness of the Islamic world. They get their panties in a bunch over this? Was there rioting after the unveiling of Piss Christ? I would imagine that you, at least in theory, support the concept of free speech. Those cartoonists were exercising it. What would you recommend that ‘we’ do to prevent loose cannons like those people from damaging our desperate efforts to win hearts and minds? Roll over for intolerant fanatics who stand for the exact opposite of every, single, solitary item on the agenda of a thoughtful liberal? (Autocracy; religious intolerance; bigotry; repression of women, gays, lesbians, and the transgendered; violence as the first solution to any problem, hatred of the ‘other’; repression of freedom of speech and thought; hell, they’re probably against unions, social security, and justice for Ted Kennedy. So why are conservatives the only ones who want to fight these people?) Freedom is an addictive drug. Give the Iraqi people enough security to learn how it all works, and they’ll win their own hearts and minds. We won’t have to impose our culture and institutions on them. It just takes time, and the judicious killing of the nihilists who think its still 1100ad.

  4. CNN respects Muslims? I’m pretty sure I saw the first picture of Christ in a jar full of pee on CNN. Does that mean they DON’T respect Christians?

  5. I read an interesting comment that in Israel, this would never have been published becouse they take a much harsher line on provacative speach. Similarly in Germany promoting naziism and using swastikas in cartoons is prohibited. Obviously Americans dont think free speach should be banned, except of course republicans as was demonstrated at the SOTU… Y’know Bin Laden has his own narative, and its a story of heathen infidels invading muslim lands and stealing their oil and destroying their religion. And clearly Bush has in return played right into it becouse the republican narative complements it. Bush uses words like ‘crusade’ at a speach before a religious audience to invoke religious support. Al Jazeera puts it on the news and everyone in the muslim world knows about it and suddenly bin laden’s narative picks up steam as the heathen infadels invade with a crusade… .. Bush orders harsher treatment and torture to be used on muslim prisoners- not for any information value mind you, but to play to his own image of tough guy. Al Jazeera of course covers the ensuing abugraib pictures and naked human pyramid pictures dutifully. Heathens violating muslim men women and children- and bin laden’s narative gets that much stronger. Normally ‘Embolden’ is a republicanism (or lie), meaning they’ve decided to blame the problem on some portion of the anti war crowd despite the fact that they happen to be right. And in fact terrorist attacks are up world wide as a result of Bush emboldening the terrorists. But hey the right can always pin the blame on Cindy Sheehan… What should we do about these cartoons? we should do what Bush has just done: ‘We find them offensive, and we certainly understand why Muslims would find these images offensive.’ Kudos to Bush for doing something right. ‘there is a clear difference between inaccurate intelligence and lies’ I suppose that depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. And ‘lies’ yes, ‘lies’, ha ha ha ha…. I dont want to waste my time by explaining how each and every claim that Bush made to justify the war was a lie. What wasnt a lie? ‘Give the Iraqi people enough security to learn how it all works, and they’ll win their own hearts and minds.’ Would that we could Kevin. Would that we could. Hey, remember when we first invaded and Rumsfeld was asked about the looting and he said ‘freedom is messy’. yeah, nice plan for the occupation you had there. ya’ yutz.