MO goes PLUS

You may have noticed that there aren’t any more banner adds at the top of Murdoc Online. After weeks of trying to sign up for the premium Blog*Spot Plus, I finally got through to a live one. Their ordering system is still down as they upgrade, hopefully imporvements afforded by the recent purchase of Blogger by Google, but I managed to get ahold of someone in support.

After explaining that I had been trying for so long to upgrade (and send them money to do so) she upgraded me on the spot. It also probably didn’t hurt that I pointed out that TypePad had gone live and that they offered similar, if not slightly better, service for about the same price. I said I’d stay with Blogger if I could get what what I needed from them. I was upgraded “as a courtesy.” That’s great, especially since they don’t seem to be interested in charging me for this courtesy. Everyone likes to dog Blogger, but I’ve got to say that, now that I’ve managed to upgrade, that I’ve had good luck in the short time I’ve been posting here.

The upgrade gives me hosting space for files (including pictures), site hit statistics (about 20-30 per day besides me), and increased bandwidth (not currently a concern) in addition to the removal of the banner adds. I can also host sub-blogs and include password protection for the site or particular pages, but I’m not interested at this point. Normally, this level of service is $5 per month, which I expect to start paying once the “new Blog*Spot”, whatever it will be, is up and running.