Friday Linkzookery – 10 Feb 2006

Legendary battleship resurfaces in miniature
Good article on about the Yamato set built for “Otokotachi no Yamato”. Anyone know if/when the film is going to be available in the States?

M-16: A Bureaucratic Horror Story by James Fallows
This story appeared in the Atlantic Monthly magazine in June of 1981. Does anyone have a link or a copy?

Strip Out The Fans, Add 8 Gallons of Cooking Oil
Build a totally-silent PC cooled by vegetable oil. (via Joseph j7uy5)

Marines expand program of reimbursement for combat gear
File this under “About Freaking Time”

Project Serpo: The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program
“The gradual release of confidential documents pertaining to a top secret exchange program of twelve US military personnel to Serpo, a planet of Zeta Reticuli, between the years 1965-78”

Discarded chemical agents found in firing range
Clean-up crews preparing for the Stryker brigade in Hawaii are finding old and nasty artillery shells.

New Destroyer Honors Vietnam War POW and Medal of Honor Recipient
DDG-106 will be the USS Stockdale. James Bond Stockdale (1923-2005) was the highest-ranking US POW in Vietnam and was largely responsible for organizing the rules of behavior and communication used by our captured men.

Boeing, military caught in C-17 numbers game
The Chicago Tribune on this issue.

Stryker Light Sales Soar in Europe
Strategy Page notes that Belgium has ordered 241 Piranha IIIC vehicles.

The Amazing, All-Purpose, Styrofoam Drone
Axe in Iraq posting on Defense Tech

Energy Markets and Policies: 2006-02-06
The new energy market/policy report at Winds of Change.

SGT Shawn Snyder – Sniper Headshot Stopped By Kevlar
There’s a reason you wear your Kevlar

2,000 Green Laser Pointers Rushed to Troops in Iraq
“Having one pointed at you seems to be very effective at stopping aggressive oncoming traffic and personnel.” – Sort of a “less than lethal less than lethal” weapon.

Army seeks to execute two


  1. So they found a few mortar rounds with chloropicrin fills – probably World War II vintage. Yawnnnnn. Calling them ‘dangerous’ is sort of like saying ‘running with sissors’ is dangerous. But anything for a news headline…

  2. Nicholas, I checked out the site you presented. Fantastic detail and objectivity. It’s definitely worth a read (or two) by anyone interested in military weaponry. Thanks for finding it.

  3. Have a copy of James Fallow’s article, A/M June 81: However, One pg is missing. If you want a copy of what I have – send me your Snail Address and I’ll send it along///aw